2020 Vision for Austin

Let’s Talk – We’re Running for Austin City Council District 10

Hearing from our community, it is clear that Austinites want meaningful CHANGE at City Hall, and that goes double for our neighbors here in District 10. The community expectation is clear that our new geographic based City Council system will allow us to break the mold of electing City Hall insiders, who are beholden to City Hall power brokers.

Why Run?

2020 Vision for Austin 01The answer is simple: for my family, and all of our families.

I am the son of a white woman and a black man. I grew up in a rural part of East Texas in the 1960s. My stepdad would say that we were the “flies in the buttermilk”. That meant that we stood out, for good or bad, better or worse. Those experiences taught me to love and accept all people, and to respect and try to harmonize differing view points. They taught me to have unwavering principles, values, and a commitment to doing what is right. And, to be thankful for those that came before me that fought so that I could have opportunity in my life. I believe in fighting so that the next generation has opportunity, and can start from an even better place than we started from.

As most of our community knows, I am no stranger to “roll up your sleeves” community service in Austin. From serving AISD as a Tri-Chair of the Community Bond Oversight Committee, to Chairing the SafePlace Board, to serving as Vice President of the neighborhood association, to coaching little league and serving as a booster club officer, to working on affordable housing issues on the board of the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs and chairing the Texas Facilities Commission, my passion is making our community, city and state a better place for our families.

Robert has 2020 Vision

We need to elect tireless community based servants who have 2020 vision, leaders who can help us envision, develop, and execute a sound strategic plan for our city in 2020, 2030 and beyond. Austinites believe that our city is that radiant city on the hill, and we have good reason for that. Austin is that bright light, that beacon city in the Hill Country, but it will take vision, creativity, cooperation and hard work to maintain and enhance that brillance. Traffic and affordability issues intensely act to dim our today, but our tomorrow can be much brighter with 2020 leadership.

What do we want our community to look like, feel like, be like in 2020, 2030, and beyond. Can you see it? I can! This our opportunity. It is well past time to elect leaders who can envision and bring the community together to implement a long term strategic plan that takes into account ALL of Austin for ALL Austinites.

Deep Roots – Past and Future

2020 Vision for Austin 02My wife, Amy, was raised in this community and is working tirelessly on improving healthcare for us all. My mother-in-law, Shirley Shaw, was a founding member of the Austin Area Urban League and instrumental in the conversion of the Austin Civic Ballet into the professional company, Ballet Austin. Our children, Robert II and Lauren, are graduates of Anderson High School and now attend The University of Texas at Austin. Our children, too, have our family’s commitment to serving our community, and have done so extensively in their school and civic lives.

Austin City Council District 10

2020 Vision for Austin 03This is our district, and I am running to represent our community on the City Council. I am committed to running a strong, grassroots and community based campaign to represent our home area, District 10, on the City Council, and I ask for your support.

Click this link to see the new City Council Districts map.

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